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Welcome to High Caliber Bullies, home of the SUNLINE BLOODLINE.
We are not just another kennel. We have become a lifestyle, a foundation, a work of art to many over the last decade since the birth
of the XL and XXL movement of the American Bully Pit Bulls.
We are the foundation to some of the biggest names in the XXL class to have ever walked this earth. Our goal is to continue to
provide and set the standards for the XL and XXL American Bully movement. We’re not here to claim the
biggest or the best, we’re here only to perfect the SUNLINE BLOODLINE and consistently produce the look and size that separates Us from the rest.
First and foremost we pride ourselves with producing sound, well tempered, family oriented dogs. We emphasize more of the extreme
look which consists of a Large Block Head, Heavy bones, Short/Medium backs, Big Rib Cage, Bull Necks, Wide Chest while retaining overall Girth and Muscle.
If you’re motto is “Go BIG or go HOME” then you’ve come to the right place! Just ask the
many breeders that have bought our dogs throughout the years. We hope you enjoy your visit here.
Lastly, know where your foundation came from…ENJOY!

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